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  • VA and back office representative Last updated by charlou1306@gmail.com: 06 16, 19

    We are in need of Virtual Assistants and Back office representative for our growing company. You'll be paid $3/hr as soon as you get hired and can start as soon as possible!

    For interested applicants, please send your resume to trinidadzy@gmail.com for further details.

    Be interviewed now!

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    • Is this still available? I'm interested for the position of back office representative .

      06 16, 19 Reply to charlou1306@gmail.com
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  • Full Time Cleaners Required for Hotel Chains Last updated by Norma abad: 11 17, 17

    We are looking for hard working full time individuals who will be happy cleaning for large hotel groups. 2 weeks training provided before the job. Please contact if this post is of interest to you.

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    • Hi i am looking for a job, I am willing to work and cleaning hotels room, am I serious and interested to work

      11 17, 17 Reply to Norma abad
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  • Seeking for a permanent home base non-voice with decent basic salary Last updated by harllen manlangit: 11 14, 17

    seeking for a non-voice home base like Data Encoder/ Email Support/ Typist hope we can get help in finding because it is really difficult to find a legit one there are a lot of fraud.

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    • I have been searching for homebase job like forever, I tried applying to those I've seen but I don't get any reply, I don't understand why is it so hard to get a good homebase job I don't really know what sort of qualifications are they looking for.

      08 6, 17 Reply to Helen Ong
      • hello i have been searching for homebased jobs please try me

        09 26, 17 Reply to cha
        • Dear Cha, I have read your post. Will you consider cleaning large branded hotels??

          10 7, 17 Reply to George Agyekum
    • I work hard if you give me offurnuty to work in your company

      09 14, 17 Reply to Janesa14
      • Dear Janesa, I have read your post. Will you consider cleaning large branded hotels?? I work for a large company who employ hard working motivated individuals. 2 Weeks training in provided prior to works starting. Please get in touch

        10 7, 17 Reply to George Agyekum
    • Dear Helen, I have seen your post. Will you consider cleaning in hotels?Please get in touch

      10 7, 17 Reply to George Agyekum
    • I have been searching for home base job but ddnt reply me about my application hope you help me to find a legit job on this site

      11 14, 17 Reply to harllen manlangit
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  • VA and back office representative 11 7, 17

    FILIPINO seeking for homebased jobs, this is your chance to get hired!

    Our company needs VA's and can do back office work as homebased job, this is US-Canada based work, $3/hr. If you are always online and can work 40hrs/week to do different tasks send your resume to: trinidadzy@gmail.com

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  • Cleaners wanted for Large Chain Hotels 10 7, 17

    I am looking for hard working cleaners for large chain branded hotels. 2 week training will be provided prior to work starting. If you are serious about this post, please get in touch.

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  • THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!! NOW HIRING! 07 27, 17

    Classes will start on Monday location is IT park site focus is CSr- online retail shopping acct direct applicants in their recruitment hub in Insular for processing of applications.
    Online retail acct-Good to excellent comms
    Banking claims and bankibg retail-good to excellent comms up to 18500 salary

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  • Working online as a freelance translator 12 1, 16

    I am working at home as a freelance English<>Tagalog/Cebuano translator for almost a year now. The job is quite rewarding. However, I cannot find a company to work on a regular basis. Where to find companies that hire home based translator long term?

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  • I like working from home 11 30, 16

    I have worked as a telephone operator from home for a website. This website was closed down and now I don't have a job. I liked this job and I would like to find a similar job. Any suggestions?

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  • Perfect home-based job Last updated by Even: 10 19, 16

    I'm looking for a home-based job. My background is on IT Infrastructure, which spans for more than 3 decades, domestically and globally. I can provide my resume, if necessary.

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    • I'm in the same situation as you. I've been working for an IT company for 4 years ,but now i need to work from home due to family circumstances.
      I hope we will find job soon!!

      10 19, 16 Reply to Even
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  • Type of work contract Last updated by Helen Ong: 10 18, 16

    What should I take into consideration when choosing the type of job contract for me? (full/part time, etc...)

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    • Full/part time home based jobs

      03 21, 16 Reply to Ben
      • I have been searching for a full time home base job as a data encoder hope you guys can help me

        10 11, 16 Reply to Helen Ong
    • hope a lot of us seekers for home base full time with decent income will be given a chance to find with your assistance.

      10 11, 16 Reply to Helen Ong
    • I am seeking for a homebase job as qeue none voice of course can you provide me please asap.

      10 18, 16 Reply to Helen Ong
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  • home based online Last updated by jelo: 10 13, 16

    Looking forward to a long term working relationship.

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    • A lot of us are seeking for a permanent home base job that is legit and will be earning a decent pay and it is so difficult to find one.

      10 11, 16 Reply to Helen Ong
    • Is there a Philippine company that caters to home jobs? Are all the job openings for home-based legit? how can we know if it is?

      10 13, 16 Reply to jelo
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  • Homebased Job 10 12, 16

    Kindly seng me a list of available home-based jobs.

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