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  • Office staff 06 6, 17

    I have been type of necessary as a competent person in handling the duties you required because I believe my pass job I can used and help to prove my experience knowledge and abilities I'd have stratigic thinking it comes of work as soon you give a chance to do so.I shall be glad to present myself for a personal interview.

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  • willing to expand may knowledge,full time and willing to assign in different place 05 18, 17

    Been experience 1 yr accounting clerk and 1yr cashier at BMQ Group of Company. .

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  • Office staff 05 6, 17

    I am a person who works profesionally with others. Can work full time.

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  • Company culture Last updated by lei: 04 18, 17

    What is most important to you when choosing a company to work for?

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    • I value to grow and expand the company and i want to excel in this field with hard work, perseverance and dedication.

      04 11, 16 Reply to Cherryme T. Ariola
    • A company who valued the best among it's employees, who inspire each one to become more competitive and achieve the company's goals and objectives

      07 28, 16 Reply to Loraine Grace
      • In my opinion, Atmosphere is most important to me. I worked in a office with my colleagues are bad and I had to leave this job.

        09 26, 16 Reply to Yasay
    • Growth potential is the most important thing to me in any role I accept. I look for good growth potential in terms of my own role within the company and especially in terms of the company's overall growth.I'd love to work for a company that is innovative and always looking for new opportunities to expand. Secondly, I look for companies who have a positive and adaptive culture. And finally a healthy level of respect and trust. A positive workplace will create high levels of respect and trust amongst its employees. It is important to me that my coworkers cam respect and trust me just as i can trust my coworkers.

      04 18, 17 Reply to lei
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